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Q. So tell me about your book.

A. “Bullying and Beyond” is a 50 year retrospective on the subject of bullying. It starts with a boy in elementary school back in the 60’s being bullied and it follows him decade after decade through every critical phase of his life – elementary school, junior high, high school, you get the idea – and it culminates in the present time with an inspirational message of hope.

Q. What makes your book different than other books on this subject?

A. “Bullying and Beyond” is completely different and unique; written by an adult for other adults and spans 50 years. Most books on bullying deal with what you should do if your child is being cyber-bullied on Facebook – things like that. Now that’s important. But this 50 year timeline and the approach of one adult talking to another adult is really interesting and different. I’ve never seen it before.

Q. So where did you get the idea?

A. I’m a screenwriter. And I was writing a script where one of the characters was being bullied so I wanted to make sure I knew what I was talking about. Now I had been bullied so I figured I had a pretty good idea but writers tend to be a curious and studied lot so I wanted to make super sure. Now there’s basically 3 things that defines bullying:

a) Is the behavior unwanted.

b) Is it repetitive (not just an isolated incident).

c) Is it coming from a position of power or authority – an older kid, teacher, adult, maybe a younger female but she’s your boss at work – you get the idea.

When I looked at the bullying dynamic by that definition, I had been bullied at every critical phase of my life. That’s when I had that ah-ha! moment and realized this idea was a book.

Q. So what message do you hope people take away? You know, why should I read it?

A. There’s a secret message – a single sentence – of hope, love, and inspiration. It’s the whole point of the book. But if I take it out of context it doesn’t make any sense. It’s like only seeing the last minute of a movie. Trust me, I’ve tried.

Q. So I’m stuck buying the book? How convenient.

A. You’re stuck “reading” the book. And it’s only 3 bucks on Amazon. Most people can afford that. And if you can’t send me an email and tell me you don’t have the money. I’ll send you a free pdf. (but don’t tell the publisher).

Q. Any final words?

A. “Bullying and Beyond” is my life’s work. It’s riveting and epic in its scope. I hope you will be taken on a wild roller-coaster ride through a twisted and chaotic world filled with edge-of-the-cliff excitement that ultimately delivers a surprisingly profound message of hope. And this is where I humbly head bow.

“Bullying and Beyond”

Written by David Santo

Published by Schlimmer Publishing

Available at



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